Public Holidays in Pakistan

Public Holidays in Pakistan

Semester Fall 2019 will be canceled on March 14 today. However, peers will be postponed on March 16 and after which a new date will be announced later.

Education is an important determinant of economic and social development of a nation. Quality of education in a country indicates the quality of its human resource. Expenditure on education is considered as an investment in human resource enrichment. The developed countries spend a lot of money for the provision of education to their people while developing countries also spend money according to their resources to provide education free or at minimal cost to their citizens. 

In addition, the workshop schedule has been postponed all over Pakistan. The new date will be announced later. Contact your Regional Regional Office for more information.

Pubic holidays in Pakistan

Public Holidays in Punjab
Punjab government issue notification that all education institution will be closed till 31st May 2020.

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The recommendations of the Education Department for the students studying in public schools in Punjab were compiled and sent to the Chief Minister, under which the students will be given online lectures via cable. Lectures will be broadcast from 9 am to 2 pm with the help of Punjab Information Technology. Teachers will give lectures from class one to class ten. Lectures on Math and science subjects will be broadcast on cable, while home lectures will also be given to students through online lectures. Students will be promoted to the next class based on homework.

The goal “Education for all” should be changed to “Learning for all”. If the learning is improved then no doubt the human capital will be flourished. If the human capital will flourish then it will lead to the development. The demand of the private schools increases due to the better learning and quality opportunities. 


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