AIOU Virtual Class Room on AAGHI LMS Portal

AIOU Virtual Class Room on AAGHI LMS Portal

Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad started Virtual Class Room on AAGHI LMS Portal. All Students can access virtual Classrooms on their android cell phones as well as laptops/computers. Learn Step by Step manual to take classes from our page www,

Education plays a vital role in human capital formation. It raises the productivity and efficiency of individuals and thus produces skilled manpower that is capable of leading the economy towards the path of sustainable economic development. Like many other developing countries, the situation of the education sector in Pakistan is not very encouraging.

AIOU Virtual Class Room on AAGHI LMS Portal

DO you know about how to take a class/workshop on Big Blue Botton?
Step No.01.
aiou Teachers and Students Click on the “BigBlueButton” class created on the course page
Step No.02
Teachers and students click on the “Join Session” button.
Step No.03
Choose ” Microphone” as a teacher. Choose “Listen Only” for Students.
Step No.04 page will be displayed with the following items for teachers only.
List of Participants
Presentation/whiteboard Area.
Step No.5
Click on the “+” sign to do the following task for teachers only.
Upload a presentation
Start a poll
share an external video
You can share your camera and screen by clicking on icons in the circle.
Step No.6
Select “upload a presentation” for teachers.
Step No.7
The following page will be displayed. upload the presentation by dragging to the dotted area or by browsing your computer for teachers.
Step No.8
Click on “upload button” for teachers
Step No.9
The presentation will be upload in the Presentation area for teachers.
Step No.10
To return back to whiteboard click on “+” sign and check “default pdf”.After that click on the “Confirm” button for the teacher.
Step No.11
All annotations to mark and draw on board are grouped under the “hand ” icon for teachers.classes of BS(Statistics)/ M.Sc(Statistics)/ M.Sc(Statistics)-Zero which were being started from 1st June 2020 have been postponed with the approval of the competent authority. New schedule of classes will be communicated soon. 

Education provides the base for socio-economic development. An educational system of poor quality may be one of the most important reasons why poor countries do not grow.
In Pakistan, the quality of education is on the decline in spite of the fact that the present government has initiated drastic measures in uplifting the quality and quantity of education. The quality of teachers especially at the primary level is still questionable. It is evident that without teachers’ transformation we cannot transform the education system for improving
the quality of education. In this regard, a series of education reforms in the area of teacher education were introduced in the public sector but their vision seemed to be narrow, hence, they failed to make any substantial impact on the quality of teachers and teaching process.
Eventually, it further affected the quality of education being offered in schools. The education system in Pakistan is facing new challenges. It has yet to be developed on par with other developing countries in the region.

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