Top 10 Mobile App on App Stores

Top 10 Mobile App on App Stores

Applications that may help make our time in Lockdown at little less crazy. From music to food to games, health, and design, there are countless applications in the store that can help, many of the best ones for free. The top 10 Apps this week were. Google, the world’s largest search engine, has introduced an app to help children develop reading habits and become proficient in reading.

Google Read Along New App

Elementary school students can improve their reading skills with the help of this app. In general, they get tired of reading very quickly. In such cases, it is very important to inculcate the habit of reading in children from an early age. Google, the uncrowned king of the Internet world, also realized this need and introduced a new application “Read Along” to make the current lockdown useful for students.

Coronavirus worldwide lockdown continues, educational institutions are closed and students are confined to the home, so the use of the Internet has increased, so Google has introduced this app to attract children to study. The special thing about this app is that it also helps children in other countries to learn English. In India, the app was introduced as Bolo, but after Hindi and English, it is now available in nine languages, including Urdu.

Initially launched for children between the ages of five and twelve years old, the app also includes a device that not only repeats children’s readings but also spells correctly. Another feature of this app, which is useful in 180 countries around the world, is that it can be used offline after installation. In this way, children can not only learn English during the lockdown game but also increase their ‘reading skills’.

Top 10 Mobile App on App Stores
  1. Zoom
  2. WhatsApp Messenger
  3. Tik tok
  4. Facebook
  5. Youtube
  6. Messenger
  7. Instalgram
  8. IQ Option
  9. Recordeon
  10. Snapchat

They indicate a time when people are trying to make working from home more efficient and use the leftover time to connect with friends and family.

Insept present a variety of application (Apps) that we are using most these days


Am App that is designed to Save anything, its best usage comes from saving online articles, particularly ones you want to save for reading later. Once the article is saved in the app, you have to refresh it and that’s it. A long lead can read online or offline. Whenever your heart desires and always from the rush hour on any given day. For those who love to read, this is a must-have app and the fact that it’s free makes it an easy download. Having won awards in the past. Pocket is for those who like to read and prefer both variety and long-form.

Ludo Star

There are thousands of Ludo games apps out there for one to choose from and those who are into the board game must have explored many of them. For Someone who does not really play games online.

Ludo Star games came as a good time pass activity when a friend suggested it for a time in quarantine. It is certainly not the best but it is fun and refreshed childhood memories when we used to play the board game with families and friends. For Playing Ludo Star One can either log in via Facebook that makes their name and picture identities hidden and appear as a guest instead. Playing options include one-on-one, four players, teaming up, or on a private table with people you know.


With the entire world on Lockdown, one is unable to get impotent chores done, for example there’s a crisis when you need to get important documents scanned.CamScanner is one application that makes your life easier. This app turns your smartphone (Android or Phone) into a scanner and helps you scan, share, and manage various documents across devices. The best part is that performing a simple scan of documents is fast and straight forward. When you download the app, it will automatically take you to the “My Docs” Click the ‘Camera ‘icon in the bottom right-hand corner and voila.

You are all set to start scanning. First-time users of CamScanner have to give permission to take pictures and record video. It is an ideal app for parents who have to regularly send their child’s homework to respective teachers. All you have to do is scan the homework and send it across via email or WhatsApp.


Not exactly, the game-changing app that’s new. WhatsApp has come a long way and this communication tool has become integral to our lives in a manner that no one had imagined when they first download it. No wonder then that WhatsApp is the number two App in the App Store right now. It is the first application we all check in the morning and has become a convenient solution for sharing documents, images, videos, etc. For those who are not into gaming or other snazzy features and applications that their phones can support and just want to connect easily with their loved ones. WhatsApp is the answer. It’s hard to catch a break from the application when work communicating down as we are currently experiencing this green interfaced program has brought us sanity. Linking us to the outside world.

It has been rumored for a while but eventually, it seems that WhatsApp is ready to take away the ability to chat on multiple devices. Currently, the WhatsApp only allows one device to sign up for an account. So if a user has to sign in to their WhatsApp account on a new smartphone, the old one is automatically disconnected.

There is a lot of speculation about when this important upgrade will come, but the latest information from WABetainfo suggests that it may come in the next few months. WhatsApp is launching some important tests internally for the multi-device feature.


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